HGSL Player/Parent Agreement


  • Please arrive at least five (5) minutes to start of practices and thirty (30) minutes prior to start of games.

  • Treat teammates, coaches and opposing teams and coaches and umpires with respect.

  • Respect and accept all official’s calls and decisions without argument.

  • Win with dignity, lose without excuses.

  • Adhere to all league and team rules.

  • Conduct yourself in a manner that represents good character and sportsmanship.


  • Once warm ups begin, the players become the coaches’ responsibility. Please respect this and find a great place to view the game and admire the hard work your player is putting forth. We may ask a parent or two to help run drills.

  • If your player is a pitcher, catcher or at bat, please DO NOT sit behind home plate. This is more distracting than helpful to your player(s).

  • Please let the coaches coach, players play and umpires call the game. Be supportive, but do not give directions to your player(s). They are doing their best to follow their coaches’ instructions and too much info can hinder their play. Please remember that we are all human and these are not professional athletes. We will all make mistakes. If a spectator does not agree with a called play, a coaches’/players’ decision, there is an appropriate time and place to discuss this. Shouting from the stands is not that time.

  • We respectfully request that parents should not be within 15 feet of the dugout during games. No parents are permitted inside or around the dugout during games. If a situation arises and a parent is needed, a coach will call you into the dugout.

  • Players should have water or sports drink in the dugout. They should be prepared with an extra drink if needed. A healthy snack is permitted if necessary, but must be consumed without interference of play time.

  • No smoking, vaping, drugs or alcohol on or around the fields and NO profanity.