What division should my daughter play in?

The age your daughter is on December 31st of the previous year is the age we use to determine her division.


  • For example, if Megan turned 11 on December 31st of LAST year, she is no longer eligible for 10-U and will play in the 12-U division.

  • If Sara turns 13 on January 5th of the current year she was still 12 on January 1st, so she is still eligible for 12-U.

Does my daughter need a uniform?


Each player will be issued a team uniform shirt prior to the first game. 


Additional options a player may purchase on their own:

  • cleats (strongly recommended for 10U and older)

  • softball pants and socks

  • sliding shorts and socks

  • sliding pads for divisions learning to slide (your coach will inform you)

What equipment does my daughter need?

Each player should have her own glove and is expected to bring it to every practice and game along with plenty of water.  

Additional equipment to consider:

  • cleats- RUBBER, not metal

  • batting gloves

  • helmet with facemask 

  • bat

  • fielding facemask 

Each team will have extra bats, helmets and catcher's gear.  Players in 8U-14U are required per USA Softball regulations to wear a fielding facemask while pitching.

When purchasing a bat for your daughter, be sure that it has a "ASA/USA Certified" stamp on it.  For help with sizing and weight speak with your coach or contact our Player Development Coordinator, Daphne Harne @ daphne.harne@gmail.com

What size softballs are used?
6-U & 8-U use 11-inch flexi balls
10-U use 11-inch hard softballs
12U & 14-U use 12-inch hard softballs
All softballs must have the "ASA" stamp of approval.

What if it's raining?
In the event of a rain cancellation, an e-mail will be sent out as soon as the decision to cancel is made.  If you don't hear anything, assume the game is still on!  We encourage coaches to utilize texting services if you've signed up via SI Play. Coaches will have information on make-up dates. 

When does the season begin and end?
Tryouts are held at the end of March.

Depending on field conditions, we aim to begin practices the first week of April.  Games begin shortly after. The season ends the last weekend in June.


How many practices and games will teams have?

4-U Division will have one (1) activity per week.
6-U Division will have one (1) activity per week, with a maximum of two (2) activities if the previous week's activity was cancelled due to weather.
8-U Division will have two (2) activities per week, with a maximum of three (3) activities if the prior week's activity was cancelled due to weather.
10-U, 12-U & 14-U Division will have three (3) activities per week, with a maximum of four (4) activities if the prior week's activity was cancelled due to weather.

How many innings are in a game?

Games are 90 minutes in length. A new inning cannot be started after 90 minutes unless both teams have agreed.

When is the season's closing ceremony?
Please click here to get to our Facebook page for details about closing ceremonies. An end of season event is traditionally held the last weekend of June. Email notification will be sent out in advance of this event.

What are the teams?

2022 Spring Season

4U- Chicks

6U- Fireflies and Ladybugs

8U- Sting Rays and Sharks

10U- Lightning and Thunder

12U- Tornadoes and Hurricanes

14U- N/A

18U- N/A

Financial Aid

Hudson Girls Softball League believes every girl should be given the opportunity to play softball. If you are in need of financial assistance for the softball season, please email Director Joe Law to let him know. HGSL also does not require your daughter to have all of the equipment necessary to play softball. The only thing your daughter will need is a softball glove. We will provide everything else!

Still have a question?
E-mail us at playhgsl@gmail.com